Start Your New Food Venture with Equipment You can Trust Blindfolded

With an increasing boom in the food and beverage industry, catering is being taken up as a full time profession by people who have the passion to serve people with different kinds of cuisines. Catering can surely be a profitable source of income and with the right contacts, staff and Catering Equipment UK; you can get the money ball rolling for you. It’s the kind of industry that is immune to the rough storms of recession as the season of partying and merry making never ends at the “toon”.

When you’re a newbie in the catering business, there are various aspects that are needed to be taken care of like licensing, staff hiring and marketing etc, but when it comes to catering equipment, one cannot afford to make mistakes because that’s what’s going to earn your bread and butter for you. Now, procurement of new equipment can be a costly affair and not everyone can afford the cost in the starting phase of this business, so the next best thing that comes to mind would be refurbished catering equipment.

One such company that has been dealing in catering equipments and has built a name over the years is “YCE Catering Equipment Limited” or popularly known as “Busy Chef”. A company that not only supplies catering equipment but also deals in the refurbishing and reselling of the same which includes products by industry giants like Lincat Catering Equipment.

The next problem on the list when it comes to refurbished goods is their quality and usability. Busy chef acquires large ranges of catering equipment and puts them under a rigorous workshop test. While the usual approach of refurbished goods is the “use and throw”, Busy Chef came up with a unique “Busy Chef 90 day warranty” policy where in unsatisfied customers can avail this offer on any issue of malfunctioning of the purchased equipment within the warranty period. You can be rest assured that the equipment you buy from busy chef catering equipment Yorkshire is in good and working condition.

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