Victorine Sarr Bringing Beautiful Smile Upon African Women

Victorine Sarr is a Marketing Professional, Beauty Entrepeneur , Mentor and Blogger from Dakar, Senegal. A top of the class Masters in Marketing graduate from one of the top business schools in France which landed her the ability to work for Apple in Paris for four years . Upon returning to her native country she joined the number one beauty company in the world : L’Oreal where she has worked as a Sales and Marketing Manager. viccki


Her passion is to help Africa face all the challenges of this century. And in the effort of trying to leave her mark in her country and even beyond in Africa she is bringing smiles upon the women of Africa with the launch of LYVV COSMETICS a beauty company focusing on make up for women of color . It’s basically a line for women of color by a woman of color. It includes everything from foundations, powders, lipsticks and make up accessories.


With the advent of the internet we have access to a lot of opportunities as Africans to grow our continent, communities and families and its Victorine heart desire to see the growth of many young African creatives in the areas of technology development, beauty and fashion design specifically the young women. Through the Mandela Washington Fellowship she is definitely going to inspire more people and help them achieve their goals in life.