Using English To Reach The Girl Child. The Power of Small Things to Bring Change in Mozambique #Africa4Her

So many times we think that impact and doing amazing things should be done by people with money or resources but this story is just a testimony that you can use anything you have to make impact and help change lives.

Living in a former Portuguese colony where English is not the first language and also in a rural area of Nhamatanda Village, Sofala Province, Mozambique where we find many parents see it profitable to let their daughters get married too young. They should know that when we educate a man, we’re just educating a person but when we educate a girl, we are educating a nation. This means that by educating a girl we are promoting the human rights because as we know that woman is a driving force in the family; an educated mother knows better what healthy food to give to her children, how hygiene and education is important to them.


Women are assertive when they cultural conform encourages such behavior without reprimand, without negative consequences and it is viewed as an admirable characteristic. Imagine the innovators, inventors, educators, doctors we are missing when we don’t encourage education and equal privileges for the other 50% of the population in Mozambique. The fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria, cholera and drugs use among young people even in the rural areas


These are some of the things that are spoken about in an English Club led by a male teacher João Alfândega in rural Mozambique which is focused on the teaching, learning, and practicing English with further focus on debate of some cross-cutting issues that currently affect the Community


What can you do today with what you have?

What your area of influence can you use to bring and help the girl child advance and flourish?