Tinashe Makura’s Infectious Sounds

Tinashe Makura is one of Zimbabwe’s fastest rising stars who is using his music to send a message to the world, that world class standards can and are being met by Africa Musicians. tinashe


So what’s the secret to his infectious sound? We asked him and he said “It’s Afro Pop music, a sound that’s been fused with modern electric guitars in order to tell the Zimbabwean narrative in a way that’s easy to digest and grasp. A sound that takes you on a journey of discovery and he says that there are so many authentic African instruments that we haven’t exposed to the world and it’s my goal to make some great music with those instruments”.


With thousands of songs going online it’s very difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. What sets an average musician from an outstanding one, what makes one particular song resonate with a majority of people?. Makura’s edge as he says is doing his “best to always tell a story”. The story of every single person “that he rubs shoulders with”.  He adds “This is a huge responsibility as there are still more stories to be told. Therefore, it’s the people’s music. I fuse the African elements of with anything else that I find interesting. The Zimbabweaness, if I may say, has to remain intact. That’s what sets the music apart from anything else”. Tinashe says he gets the inspiration “From everyday life, what I see and what it triggers in my head”


During the Harare International Festival of The Arts, Tinashe performed with Chashe to a sold out show and had the diverse audience that came to the show jumping on their feet. If you have ever heard the sound of Tinashe Makura you can tell it has a distinctively rich African style.


When he is not singing, his compassionate heart is leading the Harare Rotaract Club in implementing projects from digging wells for under privileged communities to fund raising for orphanages. He has performed for numerous charity events and his songs receive massive air play on Zimbabwean radio.

Listen to Tinashe’s Music here.