The Women – Anthology Free PDF Book Download #Africa4Her

“The Women” is a digital book (anthology) which is a dedication to International’s Women’s Day. The book consists of poems from female poets around the world (Nigeria, Mexico, U.K , Zimbabwe, India, Botswana, Nigeria, America, Ghana, and South Africa). This initiative is part of a monthly initiative I’m currently working on for the year, whereby each month I publish a book consisting of poems from different poets under a different theme each month. For January, the title of the book was “From the motherland”, and in February, “All about Love”.


The feedback from the female poets has been overwhelming, as some of them have never had their work published, so they were really excited. The book consists of 45 poems, from 25 female poets. This platform also gave some upcoming poets to share the same platform as other popular established from different parts of the world. The book is definitely a source for inspiration, information and wisdom, and it’s free so that every has the opportunity to experience what it has to offer.


The book can be read online by clicking here 

It can also be downloaded for free here:

This initiative was created by Thukutani Ndlovhu from Zimbabwe and you can read more about him on his blog I’m happy at the fact that I was able to initiate such an initiative for women that I believe will bring about a positive change, and development with regards to their talent (ie. poetry).