The Forgotten Girl Child Story by Twikyirize Mercy #Africa4Her

Pic Courtesy of DFID Flickr

Having lost my Dad when I was 10 and my mom when I was 14, I know what it means being an adolescent orphan. It is much more unbearable, being a child orphan, though they are the ones who always receive much attention is a bit bearable.


When my father died, my mother thought of taking me and my younger sister to Compassion International.  An Organization that helps orphans, by then, as I was thirteen and my sister was 8 years old and she was enrolled and I was left out simply because I was “Too Old” for the organization. That’s it! Generally, a child orphan has all the attention.


In adolescence stage, one is on self-discovery. She is neither a child, nor an Adult.  At this stage, She is stubborn, and wants little protection and supervision from elders. They prefer spending time with friends than parents. They are obsessed with their looks and body figure. At this stage, a person needs love, assurance, approval and acceptance from parents than any stage. Without that, the peers can mislead her.  Besides, it is stage where a girl can be impregnated and yet, her sexual urge is high. She is attractive. And both her peers and even men far older than her keep eyeing her irresistible beauty. And then, with all those changes and challenges, she loses the only people that genuinely count her special


The questions is how will she cope, young and orphaned and with so many things going on. She is developing hips and breasts, no mother or father and probably, some “Sugar Dad” thinks she can provide sexual fulfillment, how will she resist when you have no one to run to? She wants to hang on with the male sex, the ones parents will try and protect her from excessively indulging with, yet this time, they can’t do that. How will she resist doing what her parents wanted to protect her from doing? The other rich person in the village who wants to help her wants her to in turn help her too with being her house maid. There’s a prostitute across the street who thinks she can orient her in the business.


She belongs to no one and many people have openly tell her that. So how then can she cope?

This is the story of Twikyirize Mercy who for a decade works with such girls. The question today is What can you do for this Teenage Orphan Girl struggling, alone and which emotions running wild and life changing quickly around her and she has no one to turn to


What can you do, what shall you do?