The Demonic Voices of An Entrepreneur.

Starting anything in life always is never easy; the fear of change normally grips you. The unknown causing you adrenaline especially when you are about to start a new venture or experience change from what ever has been comfortable for a long time imprisons you.

These can be you stepping into a new career, starting your own business or being self-employed, or going to new environments to start a new project and you will be a total stranger. We get to be faced with our own personal giants causing us more discomfort than excitement. These giants look exactly like us so we turn to be confused. We are so terrified of them and only we know. They empower us and take up the most of our confidence and pin us on a wall and that moment we feel stack, out of country and then doubt finds its route.

They are controlling inner voices that actually question your action, your motives and your abilities if you are capable or good enough. These are the voices within you, promoting defeat even before you try anything or even after you get to try they still doubt and question you and only you know. You might have experienced these voices within just know that you are not alone; many of us starts up and first time entrepreneurs often get them so do not give in to them. They are your measure to failure and successes so do not give up because these are demonic voices of every first-time entrepreneur who is about to taste the new dawn of light. I do not know about you but I have had countless voices advance at me the minute I had a new idea for business. The first thing I get is the gut feeling accompanied by such amazing energy of “You can do it” then suddenly within a flash of assimilation comes “you can’t you are crazy right” However below are some of the voice you may encounter

In the infancy of an idea there is always Voices of terror, timid and fear and frustrations. These voices become dominate than anything else and at the point are you not sure if you making the right decisions. Below are some voices you can over come.

Demonic Voices of an a new entrepreneur

1.You will fail. This usually comes with self-doubt or people around you that don’t actually believe in your ideas. Self-doubt comes as a result of not having enough knowledge around your idea. You can draw comfort in believing that you have what it takes when you have researched and understood very well what you about to undertake. Secondly avoid sharing your ideas with people who do not believe in you. Try as much to be around positive people who will motivate you. These could be people that have done the similar thing as you and they have succeeded or read up on successful recipes.

2.You are not good enough: You not good enough has everything to do with self-confidence. Believing in one self is very important. Without believe its impossible for people to have faith in you. This is one of the most dangerous voices you must overcome. This voice disqualifies you even before you start. Have faith in yourself because do not buy what you do but why you do. Do not look to others to define who you are. To be honest be care at allowing people define what could be good for you. Nature your pattern of thoughts with positive thinking.

3. Try something else. Try something else is a scapegoat voice or the easy way out of avoiding hard work and implementations of your ideas when venturing in something else. The voice wants you to give up even before you even try. It often questions your abilities. This voice can also come from the people around you who might think what you about to make the worst mistake of you life because you leaving your current job that is well paying and going into something totally new and has high risks of not working. Always be prepared for change and ensure you have though it and you have secured your self for the new change such that even you go through challenges you will be already ahead of yourself.

4.It’s too hard. It is too hard! Many have tried and have failed. “You will sink”. Life is about risk taking and being prepared top take the consequence as an entrepreneur noting comes easily . Everything will be hard but it will be your resilience to keep on trying that will actually help you overcome. DON’T QUIT, TRY AND TRY UNTIL THE WALLS OPEN! . Quitting before trying is more tormenting than trying.

6. But you a Woman: But it is a man’s world. As women you end up hearing these voices. This is the man’s world. Your culture won’t allow you. You are not too smart. Entrepreneurship is dominated by then because they have created niche that men are good. As a woman we had to prove our ourselves. Learn from other and see how they have excelled. Women can achieve more even more than men if we raise to the occasion and compete credibly based on merit. They are several successful women stories one can draw inspiration from . Read, learn and read. Empower your self with necessary knowledge for your business.

7. But you are young. But you are young, no one will believe in you is another distinctive voice. Lack

of access to finances and markets based on age can be frustrating. People find it hard to believe in young people and that believe has left many have low self-esteem. Being young is not a disability it is an opportunity.. Many times these inner voices limits young people from achieving more because what is said about them is derogating. Young people should rise to the occasion and aspire become creators and movers of change. You should always surround your self with mind like individuals that can bring the best in you Age should never be a limiting factor to dream and become.

Once you know these voices , you will be better equipped at how to respond with failure and success

“Sometimes the voiceless voices are the best voices’’

By Jessie Chisi