The Clicking Generation, clicking it away with Tsaone Gaborone #Africa4Her


The Clicking Generation, is an ICT company in Botswana hosted a workshop titled Tech Dreamers to celebrate and encourage women in Information Technology Spectrum. Partnering with the US Embassy in Botswana, we showcased a documentary film called Big Dream which is about young girls who shared their journey on becoming successful on the field, they shared the challenges they went through and the help they got to pull it through and how they are changing other young girls lives in their societies.


As part of the workshop we had 4 panelists which consisted of:

  1. A student in IT (Bokamoso Palai)
  2. A woman in IT business (Florence Chilisa)
  3. A woman in Entrepreneurship incubation (Ms Tshepiso)
  4. A woman in STEM education/lecturer (Lebo Khanda)


The question thrown at them was:

How enabling is the ecosystem for women who are aspiring to be part of this male dominated field?


Through answering this question they had to share with the audience their experiences on the journey and how they wish could be done different. The message that came across from the panelists was that, As women we need to stand up for ourselves, we need to support each other and prove to the world that we can do it. The laws and regulations put in place offer fair competition between us and men but what we need to fight is misconceptions from our society, beliefs from our cultures since they are the ones which hinder us.


We need to be bold and daring if we want to change the mindset of people. If we want to change the next generation, it starts with our kids, the way we raise them. We can`t be too strict on a girl child and lenient on boys and expect them to grab opportunities at the same level of enthusiasm or hard work. We need to understand that we are not raising genders but individuals with their own strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, intelligence and not allow societal expectations of what is considered a boy or a girl should do influence us.


Another point was that as organisations, we need to collaborate if we want to achieve more or be noticed. we also need to volunteer more so as to prove our capability at a larger scale. We can`t just sit down and hope things will get better, we need to get out there and make things. It was evident from the workshop that women are still lacking behind on this field and as The Clicking Generation we made it our first priority to influence and encourage women to develop interest on this field which we are continuing doing.

The question is now to you What can you do to advance the place of women in your area?

Here are some of Pictures from the event.

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