Restoring Families Starts With Strong Women The Work of Nakomba Esther Emoru #Africa4Her

In her early years of marriage, she suffered emotional and physical violence and this always affect personal and career life. Stress from home doesn’t allow you to concentrate at work and productivity declines tremendously. Her children got physiologically tortured because they always witnessed our quarrels and fights. And this drove Namboka Esther Emoru from Uganda to look for solutions to how she could overcome these challenges but there was no solution anywhere around and some of her peers seemed to going through similar or worse situations.


This brought her to start Gals Forum International with the focus of finding marriage solutions that would help the women and men build peaceful families but more importantly how the career woman can balance their roles at work and family while managing stress levels.


The focus was to help corporate men and women build successful relationships, marriages leading to stable, peaceful homes and hence a peaceful society. It is important to note that family has a fundamental role in sustainable development of every nation. With stable and peaceful families, we shall be able to solve some of Africa’s major challenges such as violence, abuse, poverty, school dropout, early marriages, among others.

Apart for the work their are doing on the ground they also have a Facebook Group and here are some few testimonies from their work online as well

One week after joining the forum I had an accident and was hospitalized. This forum gave me company on those tough days. The discussions are very real life situations and I learn a lot on the daily basis. Maureen momo

I have found a family, a shoulder to lean on. As much as I have multiple problems, when  people talk about theirs, you feel yours is just a minor. Women of virtue in here have given me hope. I haven’t got tangible benefits but the emotional, psychological support is so enough. Whitty

This forum has taught me to hold onto what I have that which God has purposed to be. The advice has made me a better wife….I no longer has to worry and when at my worst of moods I always run here to find something to laugh about. You ladies are lovely. Suzan Atwooki

As a Psychologist, I have learnt how people think, its linkage to how they behave, lack of trust, why they don’t trust, why women form groups, group dynamics, gender based mood, social behavior, effects of past hurts, effects of money on peoples thinking ,marriage deal breakers, learnt to take people the way they are. Loyce

Here is a picture Gallery of some of events they are putting together

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