Queen of Perseverance, Queen Okenwa, Nigeria #Africa4Her

Born into the family of nine, where education was reserved only for males, Queen Okenwa could only go to school through personal efforts such hawking, which always conflicted with her passion of gathering peers and juniors at age nine to share ideas with them. The mum always frowned at any attempt by Queen to gather other kids and would prefer to have go for hawking instead.

Queen Okenwa trained as a teacher, got married, but her marriage turned sour the moment she shared her dream of owning an institution of learning with the husband. Consequently, she became a victim of gender-based violence and was eventually thrown out of her matrimonial home, alongside her six children. It was indeed a painful experience for her.

She however mustered the courage, ventured into starting an institution with just three kids and a staff in 1988. Today Queen’s Model Schools have three campuses and over eighty staff. Queen believes every woman, CAN!

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