Promoting Girl Child Education – Sister Wanga ft KGB, Dali and Ashleigh David’s #Africa4Her

A lot of young girls in the villages marry to run away from poverty believing the man to provide for their needs and reduce the burden off to their parents. As a result they drop out of school young and get married. What makes it worse is that our culture believes that girls who gets married are meant to bear children and do house chores for the rest of their lives. Their education is not considered or looked at.

It is upon this premise that girls should be educated that we collaborated with and Dali from Malawi and Ashleigh David’s from South Africa to address this using music.

Lyrics To The Song,

Hook (Dali)
Sister wanga amavutika
Sister wanga samaphunzira  KBG-11
Ai ya yeah amasalidwa
All because she is a girl, a girl yeah

Verse 1 (KBG)

Ndimaona, zomwe zimachitikazi/
Nkhanza-kwa mwanayu chifukwa ndiwankazi/
Mbama, mumamenya mpakana magazi/
Kuphwanya tsogolo lake pomusandutsa wamayi/
nkalasi munamuchotsa nkumusiya pambali/
Pa nseu tsiku lonse amagulitsa mandasi/
Anayamba limodzi ndi anzakewa mbambadi-
Lero-panseupo amamudutsa akumupatsa ma bye/
Analakwa chani kuti mumpereke ku banja/
Ali wazaka twelovu kwa chimbambo cha nkhaza/
Amamuzutsa pakati pa usiku aphike phwanya/
Anabereka Mwana koma samusiyira ya nkaka/
Mwanayu akunyentchera sister wangayu ndi mwana-
Alela bwanji mwana Nzake/
nayenso akufuna amache/
Akulaka laka atabwereranso ku xul/
Akulila koma simunva chifukwa mwatseka makutu/

Hook (Dali)
Sister wanga amavutika
Sister wanga samaphunzira
Ai ya yeah amasalidwa
All because she is a girl, a girl yeah (*2)

Verse 2 (Ashleigh Davids)

Everybody thinks that my place is in the kitchen/
The cooking and cleaning the idle way of living/
I live in a constant wonder with burning hunger/
I often think can this really fill me up/
Having a baby in my tummy/
Being some elses mummy/
Is that the only time that am good enough/
Dont get me wrong I want a home and a family/
But I know theres got to be more than just a man for me/
You may take away the books but you wont steal my mind/
No more reading your lips while you are closing mine/
I plan to be a woman not just somebodys wife/
A girl who has the chores but also has a life/
I will learn now that uve fail to teach me/
Watch me if you dont belive me/
I will run this race and I will win the path because am a girl/

Hook (*repeat till end)

The end.

Verse Translation
KbG’s Verse is about a brother speaking on behalf of his sister saying:

I see all that happens
The abuse because shes a girl
You slap and hit her until blood
Killing her future by turning her into a mother
You have removed her from the classes and left her by the side of the road selling mandas all day
She started together with the same friends that wave her bye as they pass by
What did she do wrong that you should give her away to that abusive old man
He wakes her up in the middle of the night to cook food, he doesnt even leave money for her to buy milk for her child
Shes so young how Will she look after a child when she also needs her mother to look after her?, shes wants to go back, shes crying but you cant hear her because you have closed your ears.

Hook translation
Dali is also speaking as a brother saying:

My sister struggles
My sister doesnt go to school
My sister suffers
My sister is discriminated all because shes a girl.

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