Numbers Count For Nothing

Social Media is like war sometimes. Its cool to have a huge army, but if you don’t know how to use them well. They will count for nothing. In the movie 300, King Leonidas of Spartans echoes the words. “There in that funnel, their numbers will count for nothing”. In this instance he was referring to the mass army Persia had set upon them. In a funnel it didn’t
If amassing 10 000 followers so your only goal then you will be surprised that an account half or a quarter of your followers will have more traction than you. Why? Because its not just about the numbers, its how you use the numbers.
 Often people ask me how we got to the Social Media Africa Awards with only 4,000 followers on our twitter handle. My response always baffles them. My 4000 followers are more engaged that the 100 000 eggs (fake accounts) on my competitors profile.
Here are my 5 rules of social media engagement
  1. Don’t look for a huge number (while l’ll admit its kinda cool) look for a significant number of people who will be thoroughly engaged.
  2. Have meaningful conversations
  3. Respond to everyone who reaches out to you.
  4. Be loyal to your followers
  5. Better to have a small that you know in and out than a big army where you do not know who is who.

Article by Munyaradzi Dodo co founder of TV Yangu, an avid social media evangelist and Social Media Africa Awards 2015 Finalist for Best Use Of Social Media By A Startup