Masvingo #JumpstartZw Masterclass


#Jumpstartzw Masvingo

Citizen Journalism touching on Accountability and responsibility on the part of journalist

Because traditional media in Zimbabwe is highly polarised, citizen journalists need to bridge the gap

How to engage Public offices and public officials as journalist, activist and civic leader demanding accountability and transparency from their offices

How to continually uses social media to put public leaders and public leaders to account and be transparency during their tenure of office and how Hashtags can be used in lobbying and advocating


Questions to Ponder

What is truly news and how do we judge that this is news worthy?

How can we turn online hashtags to be real programs on the ground?

How can we tell our stories in a polarised system and not get a backlash from the powers that be?


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Our Thanks also go to TellZimbabwe, MISA Zimbabwe, Hevoi FM, Girls Speak Out and Mobile Community Zimbabwe who helped to make #JumpstartZW Masvingo amazing.

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