Just Musing – Its War

It’s all about the small victories!

Growing up in primary and high school, life was so competitive. All activities and tasks were centered on dominance and outdoing the next person. I hated competition! I just wanted us to all hug and be friends but that was not to be, in fact it got worse. As I grew older the competition became more intense and calculated and Richard Branson’s words became real to me – winning is not everything, it’s the only thing. But what makes a winner a winner?

Reading through the art of war by Sun Tzu something stood out to me, a war was not won by a grand show of strength but through accumulation of small victories. It’s the small battle victories that tip the war in your favor. Eureka! That’s what was happening in school. The person who was considered the best, the toughest, the most intelligent or the most attractive was the one with the most victories under their belt. I didn’t have to be superman to be on top, all I needed where small consistent victories on a daily or monthly or annual basis depending on the task / competition at hand and I could be the best. I have read through biography after biography of great men and women who have led radical change in the world and there was always a turning point after a series of small victories.

So I’m just musing over the notion that if I fall seven times I’ll stand up seven times and seek for that one small victory and you’ll read about me one day.

Napoleon Nyanhi