Jessie Chisi Using Film To Advocate For Social Change

Jessie Chisi is a Film Director, Screenwriter and Entrepreneur. She is unique and self-motivated young woman in the field of filmmaking. She is a founder of Zambia Short Film Festival and young cinema in Zambia through which she trains 35 young filmmakers and entrepreneurs each year as way of eradicating youth unemployment. She believes film has the power to bring change and create sustainable industries. jessi

A graduate from The Zambia Institute of Mass Communication and did her further film trainings in Finland. She is an Alumni for Berlin and Durban Talent Campus. She has been in the film industry almost a decade and has worked on various film sets and including her own 5 written and directed short fiction films “Goodbye”, “Every Woman Knows”, “Soldier, Buried” and “Her Nyari”. Her current film “Between The Ring” won her Women of the Year in Film in her home country of Zambia. It opened for both the Documentary Film Festival (CPH Doc) and Helsinki film festival going on to win a Diploma of Merit at the 2015 Tampere Film Festival.

Jessie is fervent campaigner and supporter of human rights. She is also a Mandela Washington Fellow for 2015. Jessie is committed to using film as an advocacy and campaign tool, empowering women to find and use their own voices. Her aim is to embrace culture through art with the motive to develop the creative industries into sustainable industries that will contribute to the national development and she believes if film is invested in Zambia, it could contribute to boost its economy.


Click here to watch one of her award winning Short Films