Its How We Do it #TechyGirls, Nigeria #Africa4Her

#TechyGirls is not an excuse for poor grades but a bolster.Let me share a bit of the experience with you.

Dressed in my white sweat shirt laced with blue jean sets, I walked into our venue, basking in joy of what will happen today as more girls are turned into #TechyGirls as they take a journey of another set of STEM training, especially when the whole world have joined this cause via their numerous pledges, ‘I am hyper excited’ knowing fully well that am not alone in this ‘school of thought and action!’. Every of the time at every of the event, I made sure I always come down to their level for free interaction (an integral part of a catch-them-young project)
After the speech, I made them ask me questions and I got real funny ones, which I’ll love to share with you.The questions ranges from ‘Ma, why don’t you have earring on’ to ‘you don’t even wear makeups or anything in vogue’  and questions such as that. Of course, I asked for the questions and they gave it to me real good.
I immediately proceeded to the hands-on, the part I love most.They were grouped into between 8-10 girls in a group,giving us a group of eight. I used a Problem based education (The best form of learning) After knowing what goes on between the computer, it’s peripherals, internal parts and the hardware generally am happier that #Africaisso4Her and #Africa4Her indeed! Another great news is that I have impacted! Basically, their questions changed from the above to ‘What do I need to do to be a Computer Engineer like you?’  to  ‘What courses am I to combine in Jamb to study computer science?’ and to ‘Ma, how do you cope as a woman in a man’s world?’ these questions and more made me confident that #Africa4Her and hers.

How many girls were trained? A total of 87 young girls! It wasn’t as convincing until I asked the team lead to mark the register and while marking their submitted activity.I have never experience seventy eight girls under one roof because of STEM.It was overwhelming but I enjoyed the fulfilling part of the whole exercise.

Written by Eyitayo Alimi