For Her I Pledge by Tatenda Matewa #Africa4Her

For Her, I Pledge. The Terra Firma!

For Her, I Pledge for she is the mother tongue

For Her, I Pledge for she is the Home,

For Her, I Pledge not to pledge Her for appeasement

For Her, I Pledge that after this pledge

She will never suffer again.


For Her, I Pledge to build a clinic near-by

So that no life is lost whilst giving birth

Never again shall I raise a hand against Her,

What she yearns for is clean energy

What she aspires to get is quality education,

When she occupies influential position never again will Copenhagen negations continue endlessly?

Never will she carry the burden of climate change,


For Her, I Pledge for she is the Motherland!

I will hold the barrel of a ball-point pen not a Cannon.

After my Pledge Chiboko, Sexual Abuse, paedophiles,

Not going to school, Hunger, Again? Never

If she believes in Herself, for Her I Pledge