ElseWhen Project Dakar 2016

For the past few days people have been asking me what is this ElseWhen Project that you are doing and what is it all about my question was answered by another question which was there is an aurora of mystery and secrecy about this project.

So here is my version of this ElseWhen Project, it is shrouded in mystery and you can only know what it is about on Monday the 16th when it opens. This is a collaborative installation by different Artist and creative from across Africa who are installing their work in an anonymous venue (warehouse) somewhere in Dakar which will only be revealed to the public at a specific bustop which shall be revealed.

Elsewhen, reproduces a parallel dimension by creating a sub-universe taking the forms of installation, writings, visual creations, sound design, virtual reality piece and this productions by 12 artists involved in the project and they will use innovative
media that will enhance the immersive aspect of the experience.

This is an opportunity offered to creatives to explore their world which is a depiction of the past, present and future world in new ways and through new concepts that encourage a deeper understanding of issues and geographical areas in which they develop their projects.


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