Eldine Chilembo Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Eldine is a writer, mentor, trainer and maritime professional advocating for women’s empowerment within the industry. With over five years’ experience, Eldine is currently a training officer and crew coordinator for Sonatide Marine focused on developing the skills and abilities of young apprentice officers, through counselling and mentorship for successful completion of their cadet program. eldine

A Cum Laude graduate from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Maritime Studies and is currently pursuing an MBA in Shipping and Logistics. As a scholar, she was nominated for the prestigious South African Maritime Student of the Year Award. She is a member of the Nautical Institute – has been featured in several publications including SEAWAYS, THE NAUTICAL INSTITUTE and THE SA MARITIME YEAR BOOK and she is also an active member of both the Angolan Women’s Maritime Association and Women in Maritime Africa (WIMA).

She strives to be a leader in the maritime industry and hopes to have broken down the barriers that prevent women from moving forward in this male dominated industry. Shipping is not the only area where women face barriers. She is inspired by the possibility to meet and work with many other strong women who are coming up with creative solutions to Africa´s challenges. Nepotism, sexism and cultural attitudes that reward loyalties rather than accomplishments are the most significant challenges she has her focus on. As an Angolan who has lived in both worlds, she developing effective skills to effectively communicate across cultures in a way that promotes success.

On completion of the Fellowship, Eldine plans to continue encouraging more women to take up leadership roles with a focus on advocacy for women’s rights and equal opportunity. She continues to work on establishing the Women International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA) in Angola.

Here is a link to Eldine Writings and Her Yali Experience