Digging For That Rythmn With Benvido Paul

Starting at the age of 12 as a ringtone composer, persistency, ambition, passion and a gift to evoke emotions through music are amongst the traits that Ben “Benz” Paulo, the 26 year old songwriter, self-taught music producer, singer and rapper is characterised by.

At the age of 15 officially began producing, and was rapidly spotted by Anselmo Ralph, the most successful singer in Angola, with whom he started frequently collaborating with, as well as other renowned artists. Growing up in Angola, South Africa and U.K, such environments have shaped and influenced his cultural blueprint, explaining the reason behind the multi-genre plethora under Ben Paulo’s music catalogue.

In the U.K collaborated with the international pop group All About She (Calvin Harris, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah’s collaborators) producing “Speed of Light” for the 3RA boys band (now Diskori) and in the U.S frequently writes and produces for Joni Cruz (Bobby V’s artist) and many other U.S artists.

His influence and notoriety in the music culture have landed him a role as Brand Ambassador for Akari, a solar technology solution aimed at helping rural communities in the world; and landed a co-publishing deal in Atlanta, GA.

Multifaceted, Ben Paulo is a Geologist (University of Plymouth, U.K) with a Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship (University College London, U.K) with over 7 years of exposure and experience in a diverse set of areas spanning Technology, Oil & Gas Exploration, Public Works, Mineral Exploration (diamonds) taking on roles from operations to project management.

Ben Paulo advocates for diversity of skills in volatile economies, and is currently involved in the development of technology solutions for challenges in Africa.