5 Things To Know About Marketing Yourself by Victorine Sarr

Nowadays we live in a world where everything you say or do is scrutinized and so that’s why we all need self marketing to help us with our brand .

We have several brands out there but the number one you really need to care about is : YOU

Self marketing or Personal branding as we call it is all about selling yourself .branding

People who thrive in business are the ones who naturally market themselves to the right people in the right way.


This is basically what you need to know about making self promotion look natural.



You need to ask yourself what are your values & principles . The things that you are passionate about / how do you operate and of course knowing what are your strengths and your weaknesses is a must.



What can you do to raise the bar and bring yourself to another level. That obviously means that you need to know first what you have to offer .



You need to get yourself out there and meet people . It’s all about developing quality relationships and putting those ones to use .



Its basically about 2 things : being proactive and visible .

Let your relationships know about your successes and accomplishments



Last but not least you definitely have to inspire trust. But for you to do so you need to trust yourself first . Also you must be willing to take risks and still be realistic ! It’s possible!!!

Most importantly see possibilities and opportunities rather than failure . This will get you far!


Well I hope this little article will help you market yourselves better or at least teach you a thing or two about self branding


This article was written by Victorine Sarr is a marketing professional, mentor and blogger .and a #yalicreative from Senegal..