4 Ways To Boost Your Creativity Today

Creativity can seem innate but like many things it’s actually a delicate balance of nature & nurture. In other words creativity can be enhanced by external forces and it’s not necessarily reliant on good genes or natural ability.

These are a few tips that can help you out: boost




Although negative moods can sometimes spur creativity it is during strong positive moods that our best creative work is done .

In fact the feeling of love or even thinking about love was shown to best encourage creative thinking . Getting yourself to a positive place will do the trick to influence your mood and your creative efforts will be at their best.



Also known as asking what “might have been” has been shown to increase creativity for short periods of time. A silly example can be seen on the Big Bang Theory when one of the main characters makes up a game and ask his roommate in a world where rhinoceros are domestic pets who wins the Second World War? Okay maybe you guys don’t know Sheldon but the guy is HILARIOUS. The thing is you can apply more realistic scenarios out of the equation.



While Research has shown that daydreaming can help with creativity it is important to note that studies have revealed that daydreaming only works when you are already committed towards a project. THE REASON? Daydreaming can be beneficial because it allows the incubation of ideas. So be sure to get started on your project before drifting off and just DAYDREAM.



What is called the psychological distance is a important part of being creative.

For instance one study found that people who thought their work would be used by someone else come up with novel ideas. Those who were told that they would use their own creation come up with fewer novel ideas and concepts. When creating, even a personal project think about how someone else will enjoy / use / incorporate your CREATION into their lives.

How about you guys? What do you do different to put yourself in the best mindset to generate ideas?

Victorine Sarr is a MWF 2015 Fellow and #yalicreatives and you can click here to read some or her articles