4 tips on how to overcome the psychological price of being a female entrepreneur

Acknowledging insecurity is hard but overcoming your own flaw is harder. Here are some tips for how to pull it off.

Let’s be brutally honest here Women have to be tougher than men in this world in pretty much every domain. We have to fight for everything and still we are not getting yet what we should have.

Regarding the business world , it’s even tougher. Some people even say that women need to be made of steelier stuff.

That’s not to say developing this hardened exterior is easy. On average men are 60% more likely to receive funding for their companies than women even though women have a roughly 50% higher rate of return on their investment according several angel investors.That does not factor in gender discrimination which many women continue to face in the world of entrepreneurship.

It’s no wonder then women feel the psychological price of entrepreneurship more than their male counterparts.

Here are 4 tips to overcome moments of doubts :

– Create a divide between your personal and professional life

It is key for dealing with the day to day stress . You need to have something to escape that has nothing to do with your business . It can be sports , reading or even just hanging out with friends & family.

Another important takeaway for business owners : stay busy!

Like many entrepreneurs feel depressed and anxious when they don’t have enough to do. And while studies shows that some anxiety may be productive too much of it is certainly harmful.


– Bake confidence into your business model

Remember that your customers can also lack confidence even on the days that you are feeling solid personally. That’s what I’m trying to do in my business which is basically selling confidence to women through my make up.

It’s all about living the beauty you are . And sometimes somebody needs to remind you of that.


– Trust your instincts

Trusting your instincts is something that women usually struggle with more than men .

Still we as women need to embrace our flaws. It’s important to maintain that confidence in yourself .

People are going to give you their opinions because they love to but that does not mean that they are right.


– Put up your blinders on

Your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength.

Im usually obsessed with details but that can be a real hindrance when I can’t let go. At the same time being detail oriented forces me to do things like read through every shade of foundation or lipstick allowing me to catch errors and inconsistencies almost right away.

It’s helpful when you are faced with negative criticism to put your blinders on.

While you can’t learn self confidence overnight you can certainly make a more concerted effort to channel insecurities into futures successes .

Just take it from women who are making it as entrepreneurs across the world.

We are slowly but steadily taking over the world .


Written by Victorine SARR

Mandela Washington Fellow 2015 from Senegal

Also blogs at : http://savvyse.tumblr.com