3 Principles to Finding Yourself As A Creative

Creativity for many people is something reserved for artists but this is to ignore the fact that we are faced everyday with countless problems and it’s precisely creative thinking that help us come up with solutions for these problems.

Bottom line is that we need to work on our creativity whether we are trying to find a way to earn more money or how to make our loved ones happier.

Let’s begin first by understanding these 3 principles that underlie creativity.

The marriage between the old and the new

New ideas, products or even solution are actually old ones rearranged in a new way.
In order to be creative we must be ready to deviate from the ordinary and the traditional and this implies a certain courageous attitude & curiosity.

Critical Thinking

Not all new ideas can be found at par. Once you have the idea you have to make it useful and make sure it’s going to solve a problem and that people will actually need it.

A creative leader is one who embraces change and is able to develop practical techniques for continually taping into new solutions & innovations.

Connection between ideas

Creativity is enhanced when you have the ability to connect different ideas from different backgrounds and make them work. This is also why intellectual curiosity and a wide knowledge base can significantly enhance anybody’s creativity.

So if we want to be creative, we must be ready to explore connections between different areas and that implies having a wide knowledge base.

Creative leaders think outside the box so as my old boss (Steve Jobs) would say: think different guys!

This article was written by Victorine Sarr from Senegal another #YaliCreatives member read more about her here