1 out of 58 Men, Mohamed Aiché, Mauritania #Africa4Her

Mohamed Aiché, is a taxi driver. She is the only woman in Mauritania in this profession and has been a driver since 2007. The mother of three children, born in the Brakna, Mauritania, has always wanted to be independent and be a taxi driver or rather taxi woman. Aiché was able to realize her childhood dream by shear determination. She grew up with has a passion for mechanics and didn’t let go of here dream. In the garage Basra, her presence continues to arouse the curiosity of customers.

There are 58 drivers who work there and she is the only woman. From the beginning, Aiché demonstrated great motivation. She learned to drive in 3 months and quickly mastered the craft. She drives a Renault 9, and is considered one of the best drivers in the city. What do people value most about Aiché? Her tenacity, her professionalism and her kindness. 12674485_10209041367056327_944652559_n

Despite a difficult start in a world usually reserved for men, Aiché is succeeding. Aiché is a fighter and a role model. She advocates for the autonomy of women and the perseverance to work. She has perfectly fit into the combination of drivers from the garage of Basra. Aiché does not count the hours, but strongly encourages women to follow their passions because there is nothing better than being independent. Aiché, the taxiwomen now practices her trade easier than ever. She remembers her first days at the wheel.

The most difficult thing for her was to reverse the taxi and that made her smile at the mention of that great memory. The other thing that touched her is how men looked at her at the workplace traditionally reserved for them. She recalls having had the encouragement and support of the customers of her family. It is daring to embark on a trade that is not practiced by women. For many people, she dared to do what others have not done; she wants to work for a better tomorrow.